A great guacamole recipe will take you far in life — it’s a party food, healthy snack and general crowd-pleaser all at the same time. So naturally, a deep-fried version is even better. Chef Ricky Camacho at TriBeCa Mexican hot spot Añejo shared his technique for turning that guac into an irresistible fritter that will have your guests Instagramming like crazy.

 This fried guac recipe came about in brainstorming sessions a few years back while the sous chef and I were exploring ways to make the classic guacamole and chip a one-biter happy hour snack. After a few rounds we were able to get the recipe where it needed to be. The dish spent some time as a special before going into the archives, and when we opened Abajo last month, the fried guacamole found a permanent home and is so popular it’s the top seller.
Tips for the home cook:

  • Keep the batter cold and make sure the guacamole is frozen throughout.
  • Keep individual portions identical and don’t make them so small that the guac inside gets so hot while the outside fails to crisp up.
  • Use a cake tester or toothpick at home to ensure they’re cooked through and not frozen at the core.