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Ivar's is a longstanding and iconic restaurant in Seattle, which is why we're so glad to be working through the spectacular fish recipes in the new Ivar's Seafood Cookbook. Complete with 75 years of historic food memories, this is one book from the sea you don't want to miss. Add one of their famous blackened salmon fillets to a Caesar salad. You won't regret it. 

Caesar salad has long been one of Ivar’s customers’ favorites—not to mention a staple for sports lovers worldwide. There’s no question why; it’s all about the dressing. You’ll have more than enough here for your dinner, but trust us: you may want to have Caesar salad a few days in a row, so make double — just for the halibut. If the dressing separates in the refrigerator overnight, simply reblend it before serving.

Reprinted with permission from Ivar's Seafood Cookbook