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Photo: William Brinson
Sauerkraut doesn't only belong on your hot dogs.

If you thought a book about pickled and fermented stuff would be all kimchi and kombucha, you might be right. But if you pick up Cultured Foods For Your Kitchen by culinary specialist and cookbook author Leda Schientaub, you'll be presently surprised by meaty soups, hearty pastas and delicious fried stuff…all enhanced by the cultured ingredients in your pantry and fridge (or the ones you make yourself).

Sauerkraut soup is a dish with eastern European roots, a hearty cold weather soup making use of ingredients that have been preserved for winter use. I've added squash to keep with the wintry theme, along with warming coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves–and hot Italian sausage for extra thermal effects. You could use any other type of winter squash in place of the butternut, if you like; delicata and red or green kuri make excellent choices.

Reprinted with permission from Cultured Foods For Your Kitchen