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Hearty roasted squash makes this sweet and savory butternut pancakes recipe rich and nutritious.

Blogger and author Mimi Thorisson has a new cookbook out that will kindle a delicious love affair with the cuisine of the French countryside. Starring the best-quality ingredients sourced from small outdoor markets, family-owned purveyors and home gardens, this collection of recipes elevates a simple, humble cuisine to the highest level. These butternut pancakes with sage brown butter are an inventive way to enjoy a seasonal treat. 

We don’t grow our own yet, but in autumn we tend to build up a small collection of pumpkins and squash in various shapes and sizes. We decorate our tables with them, and for a few weeks it seems we are drowning in pumpkins. Then, as the season progresses, we start cutting them up one by one; many end up in soups, while others get roasted as a side dish. The really lucky ones end up in delicious little creations like these pancakes that are so simple to make, yet feel quite decadent and “grown-up” when drenched in sage and butter sauce. The words “light” and “rich” seem contradictory, but they are the ones I would pick to describe these pancakes.

Note: To make the puree, peel, seed, and cube about half a medium butternut squash, then roast it in a preheated 350°F oven until very tender, about 20 minutes. Puree using a potato ricer or food processor, or mash by hand.

Reprinted with permission from French Country Cooking