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The most tender, flavorful turnips you've ever had are right around the corner, thanks to a hefty dose of buttermilk and some funky country ham.

Mississippi chef Brad McDonald takes on the American South in his new book, Deep South. With time-tested recipes and modern spins on Southern favorites alongside stories, history, profiles and more, this is a superb volume that goes well beyond fried chicken and banana pudding.

Part of the joy of Southern cooking is being able to elevate simple ingredients into a great dish. This recipe takes turnips, buttermilk, ham and butter to create a dish that is perfectly balanced in natural sweetness, acidity, and saltiness. It can be a meal in itself during the colder months. You can save the leafy turnip tops to braise with your next batch of greens, or add them to the braise below when it is almost done.

The quantity of butter in the sauce looks alarming, but you can keep the excess sauce in the fridge for a few days and use it for braising other vegetables or fish.

Reprinted with permission from Deep South