Don’t call Brooklyn chef Dale Talde’s food “Asian-fusions,” because it’s not. It’s Asian-American, an homage to growing up Filipino (and proud) in a land of nuggets, breakfast sandwiches and diner feasts. In his new cookbook, Talde takes a classic, twists it up and flips it on its ass, frankly. How else could you possibly come up with a loaded noodle soup that smacks of buttered toast and doesn’t skimp on the bacon? 

My first real taste of American breakfast came at night. After evenings of high school–style wilding out, my boys and I would hit up the 24-hour diner, where whatever you ordered, no matter how massive the portion, came with a stack of toast. Somehow, it wasn’t the over-easy eggs, sausages or hash browns, but that toast that became emblematic of American breakfast for me. The scrape of the knife as you buttered it, the smell of dairy melting on warm bread.

Even though my restaurant Talde is far from an omelet-your-way kind of joint, I knew toast had to make an appearance on the brunch menu. So why not in ramen, my favorite breakfast food? And boom, a new staple was born: perfectly chewy noodles doused in a broth infused with the flavor of buttered toast. Bacon and soft-boiled egg are the obvious extras.

Reprinted with permission from Asian-American