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Creamy burrata and hearty freekeh liven up with the help of citrus zest.

If your home-cooked meals aren’t complete without a squeeze of citrus or dash of zest, there’s a new cookbook by British recipe developer and food writer Catherine Phipps. Bring a little zeal to every meal of the day with Citrus. This blood orange, burrata and freekeh salad is about as zesty as it gets.

This is a very happy confluence of ingredients; smoky nuttiness from the freekeh, earthiness from the chard, a creamy sweetness from the burrata, all pulled together by the fragrant, sweet-sour citrus. The bergamot is purely optional as its flavour is subtle here, but if you can, please do: bergamots are still in season (just) when blood oranges come in, so it should be possible to find them. Use lemon zest instead if not.

Reprinted with permission from Citrus