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Sweebreads disguise themselves as buffalo wings and we couldn't be more delighted. (Photo: Gabi Porter.)

This recipe from the Upper West Side “coast” Ditch Plains chef/owner Marc Murphy proves that surfer dudes have great taste. Always wanted to try offal but never had the…uh, guts? Buffalo sweetbreads are a great way to break in.

Calf thymus or chicken wing, the buffalo technique is exactly the same: dredge, deep-fry, cool, drain and toss with buttery hot sauce. The only difference is that you won’t find sweetbreads by the family pack in the refrigerated meat aisle.

Sweetbreads can be hard to find, but they’re totally worth it — they’re tender, creamy, succulent and incredibly flavorful. Call a specialty butcher or meat market ahead of time to see if they have them. If not, they’ll easily be able to order them for you and you’ll make a new friend or two in the process. Very convenient for sourcing the more obscure parts of animals.