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buckwheat peanut butter brownies

Whole grains can and should be a big part of dessert — why not? They’re substantially healthier, and you dont have to sacrifice flavor, creaminess or heft. Blogger Erin Dooners new book, The Sweet Side of Ancient Grains, is a testament to baking with barley, spelt, buckwheat and other whole grains. Check out these buckwheat peanut butter brownies and never go back to the boxed mix again. 

This dessert is something of a cross between a brownie and a protein bar. These brownies are not gooey like the other ones featured in the book, but they are dense and chewy. The peanut butter layer is pretty substantial, and with a total of 1 3/4 cups of peanut butter in the topping and brownie portions, these are for peanut butter lovers only!

Reprinted with permission from The Sweet Side of Ancient Grains