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For the fluffiest pancakes, mix your flours.

The combination of white and buckwheat flours, while not exactly gluten-free, makes for some pretty famous combinations. Savory crepes, for instance, are made with half buckwheat and half all-purpose flour. Soba noodles are 80% buckwheat flour and 20% all-purpose. Even the blini for your potential caviar is a blend: 2 parts buckwheat flour to 1 part all-purpose. So naturally, a variation on this formula must translate into delicious breakfast or brunch pancakes.

We stuck with the crepe ratio of half-n-half to keep things on the fluffy side. To further our fluff efforts (flufferts?), don’t overbeat your batter or you’ll get tough, chewy pancakes nobody will want to put homemade orange-infused honey all over. And that would be a tragedy.