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Looking for a vibrant new gluten-free grain side dish? Look no further than this tangy buckwheat salad!

If there’s one Yiddish word you need to learn, it’s “fress.” It means chowing down without restraint, and it’s the mantra of a new cookbook by British food writer Emma Spitzer. Dive into updated versions of beloved Jewish recipes from Poland and Russia and modern classics from around the Middle East and North Africa. This buckwheat salad with barberries accented by a tangy spiced pomegranate dressing is packed with so much flavor! 

Inspiration for this salad came from a very traditional Jewish dish called kasha varnishkes. Otherwise known as buckwheat, kasha is a gluten-free grain similar in appearance to freekeh and offers a protein-rich alternative to carb-heavy grains such as couscous or rice. Its nutty flavor lends itself really well to this powerful dressing.

Reprinted with permission from Fress