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If you think you've had a perfect, oozy egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, think again. Think asparagus and Taleggio.

If the only thing keeping you from eating more vegetables in interesting ways is not owning chef and former Eataly vegetable butcher Cara Mangini’s new cookbook, you’re in luck — it’s out, and it’s awesome. Fresh produce is front and center in this inventive collection of recipes, so pick up a chef’s knife and get chopping.

This is a sexy springtime sandwich that you should not miss. Marinate asparagus spears in lemon, olive oil and herbs and grill them on a grill pan until they take on heady marks of heat and licks of smoke. Then press them between slices of crusty bread with an oozy fried egg with creamy yolk, gooey Taleggio cheese and spicy arugula. The sandwich tastes just as decadent and delicious as it sounds, especially with a crisp Vermentino or a dry rosé (for me, absolutely required).

Notes: Avoid large or jumbo asparagus spears (they are too thick for this sandwich) or cut them in half lengthwise if needed. Do not use pencil-thin asparagus, as they tend to burn on a grill pan, and they do not provide a meaty bite.

If you don’t own a grill pan or skillet, you can roast the asparagus on a baking sheet or grill the asparagus on an outdoor grill over medium heat, following the same procedure above.

Reprinted with permission from The Vegetable Butcher