Torrejas in Mexico are made like French toast but don’t show up at breakfast. They’re a dessert, typically, which makes sense when you recognize that French toast has basically the same ingredients as bread pudding, just in a different form. For this one I’ve gone out on a limb, though. I’ve made the soaking custard out of eggs and horchata, that cinnamony rice (and sometimes almond) drink that’s popular among the street vendors and taquerias, which makes it great for those who can’t have dairy. But it works well, too, with regular milk replacing the almond milk I’ve called for. However you make it, this is a luscious, special-occasion breakfast.

Our Xoco version of torrejas is made with day-old artisanal Mexican bolillos that are sturdy enough to soak overnight but light enough to cook in our wood-burning oven to a custardy succulence. Most of the commercial bolillos that I’ve tried from Mexican bakeries are too spongy and fluffy to work here, so I’ve suggested a good baguette or ciabatta as an alternative to an artisan bolillo. 

Reprinted with permission from More Mexican Everyday