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Make these brownie buckeye cookies for your favorite Ohioan.

Great batter is so much more than the sum of its parts, especially when it comes to brownie buckeye cookies. Join Brownie Brittle founder Sheila G. Mains in discovering the limitless potential of brownie creativity with her new cookbook, Butter & Chocolate. You just might find your favorite new must-bake dessert.

What’s not to like about buckeyes — those small peanut butter balls surrounded by creamy milk chocolate? I’ll tell you: They’re labor intensive! So, one holiday season, when my to-do list outdistanced my time, I decided to create something quick and easy with the same terrific taste. These cookies take half as long to make as buckeyes, are less messy to eat, and deliver the same peanut buttery chocolate taste we all know and love. That first Christmas, no one even missed the buckeyes, and I had a few precious moments to myself to relax. P.S. I haven’t made traditional buckeyes since.

Reprinted with permission from Sheila G’s Butter & Chocolate