Award-winning British chef Gizzi Erskine has a new collection of recipes out to see you through the holiday cooking season (and then some!) While American and British holiday fare can differ greatly, rest assured that you’re in excellent hands. There’s even pumpkin pie! Brown butter salted maple pumpkin pie, that is. 

For Brits, pumpkin pie sounds a bit on the “weirdy-woos” side, but in America, pumpkin pie is as standard as apple pie is to us. Pretty much every American household will have it for Thanksgiving. Nigella Lawson posted about a pie company on Instagram called Four & Twenty Blackbirds and I’ve been obsessed with their pies ever since. They do a brown butter pumpkin pie that I’ve adapted to make it my own with the addition of salted maple. I also enlisted the help of my American baking mate, Claire Ptak (owner of Violet Cakes in London) who advised me on how to get that perfect, wibbly centre. It needs to be a bit like a cheesecake and undercooked in the middle, as the filling will continue cooking out of the oven, but still with souffléd and puffed-up sides. This is strictly to be served with softly whipped cream. “It’s sacrilege otherwise,” says my American publisher, Stephanie.

Reprinted with permission from Gizzi’s Seasons Eatings