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Citrusy, spicy and nutty veggies.

Sameh Wadi is chef and co-owner of two of Minneapolis’s top restaurants — Saffron and World Street Kitchen — and recently released his first cookbook. Pick up a fresh copy of The New Mediterranean Table for a journey through the incredible wealth of delicious cuisine throughout the region.

I love broccolini. The entire vegetable is edible, but my favorite part is the stalk. To me, the flavor is less bitter than broccoli and has a sweetness that is closer to asparagus without the astringency. These flavors are balanced with some heat from the Aleppo chili and a good amount of acid from the grilled lemons. It may seem that grilling lemons is too much work, but trust me, it’s not. To make starting the grill worthwhile, pair this with a simple grilled piece of chicken or steak.

Reprinted with permission from The New Mediterranean Table