Passover is a time of year I like to try new things with my menus. I’m always sure to prepare and serve food that my guests can relate to and will remember, especially dishes for Passover as they are meant to bring back memories and flavors associated with this special holiday. It’s important that the ingredients shine and also represent the traditional Latin and Mexican-inspired dishes I grew up with. 

Since tacos are one of my go-to meals, I created Tacos de Brisket – my interpretation of a classic Beef Brisket (a dish you find on the table during most traditional Jewish holidays), with a Mexican twist. The tacos are served with Chipotle-braised brisket, horseradish crema, tomatillo salsa, guacamole and red onion, all wrapped in matzo tortilla. I make Kosher-for-Passover tortillas by substituting the masa for matzo.