Save for Tony Parker and the Michelin Man, Ludo Lefebvre might just be the most famous Frenchman in America today. As a judge/mentor on ABC’s cooking competition show The Taste, he’s known for challenging upstart cooks with a razor-sharp palate — and for his thick-as-matelote-stew Bourgogne accent. But in food-world circles he’s best known for running two successful Los Angeles restaurants, the impossible-to-book Trois Mec and the new, walk-in-only Petit Trois. Here, a recipe from his first book, Crave, which has recently been reprinted.

The shank is first browned on the stove, then basted with honey before baking, which creates an almost iridescent glaze. The result is a beautiful, honeyed shank the color of bright amber. The sweetness is counterbalanced by the slightly bitter artichokes and Swiss chard that accompany it.

Reprinted with permission from Crave