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Meltingly tender, exceptionally flavorful grass-fed beef makes for a superior ragu. Try it with polenta!

Leave it to a master of sustainability and style to author a vegetarian cookbook so chic we’re hiding our bacon. Danny Seo’s new recipe collection, Naturally Delicious, is an ode to all things from-scratch. They just happen to be really beautiful, too. 

Before you walk away from this braised grass-fed beef ragu with creamy polenta recipe after noting a total time of 7 hours and 15 minutes, please take a second look: You’ll actually devote just 15 minutes of active time to making this luscious, filling and oh-so-good winter pick-me-up. The reason why is the good old-fashioned slow cooker. Just fill it up in the morning and walk away. And just in time for an early dinner, all you have to do is pop open a bottle of organic wine, toss a salad and there you have it: dinner.

Good to Know: Instant polenta is just as good as the long-cooked type in my opinion, so if you want to make creamy polenta in a few minutes, go right ahead.

Reprinted with permission from Naturally, Delicious