Blogger Amber Wilson’s blog-to-book, For The Love of the South is packed with recipes we Yankees are simply itching to recreate. Revitalize your passion for Southern food with this excellent collection of dishes, drinks, desserts and more. These fried boudin balls are first on our list!

This is my favorite way to enjoy boudin. The hot, crisp crust breaks, revealing tender, steaming spiced pork and rice. These are best eaten with your fingers, but you can use a fork if you must. Dip the boudin balls in the ravigote sauce or simply drag a piping hot boudin ball across a mound of Creole mustard.

Variation: Boudin Links: You can use the Boudin Ball mixture to make boudin links (it makes approximately 1½ pounds; nine links). Once stuffed into casings, poach the links in gently simmering water for 10 minutes. Serve the poached boudin with Creole mustard and Ravigote Sauce.

Reprinted with permission from For the Love of the South