Boston is renowned for its diversity of culinary options, with food from every ethnicity you can name. Mike’s City Diner, run by Lebanese Jay Hajj, is a must-visit when you’re in town. His fusion of New England classics with elements from his native Beirut is a big crowd-pleaser, and his new cookbook is packed with phenomenal recipes. Try this Lobster Savannah from one of Boston’s most iconic dining establishments, and treat that shellfish right. 

Lobster is New England’s signature seafood, the one most people associate with Boston and the region in general. I never ate lobster until arriving in Boston, where almost every restaurant serves it in some capacity — whether the casual seafood shanty lobster roll or rich and decadent fine-dining lobster Savannah.

Lobster Savannah was the signature recipe of the former Locke-Ober restaurant in Boston’s Downtown Crossing, for over 100 years the city’s most famous dining landmark. About 35 years after arriving in Boston as a boy from Lebanon, some business partners and I purchased the famous Locke-Ober building on Winter Place. As we walked around the site of the late, great restaurant, I came upon a big folder full of Locke-Ober recipes — including this recipe for its signature lobster Savannah!

We eventually auctioned off much of the equipment, art and furniture left in the building, and before long Locke-Ober was replaced by Yvonne’s, a modern supper club that pays tribute to the legacy of the space and has since become a new Boston dining landmark. But I held on to that pile of Locke-Ober recipes for myself — a bit of Boston culinary history right here in my hands.

Reprinted with permission from Beirut To Boston