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Make Boston's namesake dessert. (Photo: Jonathan Lovekin.)

Leave it to blogger and TV show host Lucinda Scala Quinn to feed us just the way we want. Her recipe for Boston cream pie is everything we ever wanted in a pie-cake. Or cake-pie. Either way, it’s wicked delicious.

It’s called pie, but let’s face it, it’s a cake — with an oozy, luscious pastry cream filling between moist layers and chocolate ganache dripping down the sides. It so gripped the taste buds of nineteenth-century Bostonians at the Parker House Hotel that it became a classic dessert — in fact, in 1996 it was named the state dessert of Massachusetts. A good way to tackle this cake is to make the cake layers and the pastry cream in advance. When ready to assemble, make the ganache topping.

Reprinted with permission from Mad Hungry Cravings