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Photo: Miles New

We’re working our way through British chef and baking empress Lorraine Pascale’s new book, A Lighter Way To Bake. If you’re itching to break out the stand mixer, go forth without guilt. This blueberry and limoncello drizzle cake is the perfect partner for your cold drink of choice.

I was talking to the lady from the management company I’m with, the very gorgeous Nicola, about my forthcoming book (this one) and she said to me, and I remember this quite clearly, “A baking book is not a baking book without a good lemon drizzle cake in, don’t you think? You have a good one in there, don’t you?” Having handed in the book already without a drizzle cake recipe, I quickly cobbled this one together with what I feel are very pleasing results. Nicola, my love, this one is for you.

Reprinted with permission from A Lighter Way To Bake