This blue cheese–stuffed grilled endive is the easiest, classiest grilling side ever. Most supermarkets have endives; it’s just that nobody ever buys them. Be the person who keeps the endive industry thriving while also throwing together an al fresco salad that pairs beautifully with grilled steak, chicken or pork and makes a hearty addition to a vegetarian grilling spread. The inner leaves turn into slightly charred veggie candy, while the outer leaves still retain crisp juiciness like the salad you know you should be eating. With a meaty texture, smoky flavor and sweet-savory umami punch, this dish will satisfy everyone at the table.

Full disclosure: I have a bit of an endive fetish. If you asked me to name the most overtly sexual vegetable in the produce section, it would be endive, hands down. It’s soft and supple, bitter, sweet and juicy and shaped suggestively, which now you’re thinking about. You’re welcome. Now slather that feeling with blue cheese and drizzle it with pomegranate molasses.