It’s tailgating season, which means it’s buffalo wing time. I love spicy buffalo wings, but I have a love/hate relationship with those celery sticks they give you. The nice cool crispy crunchiness dipped in blue cheese dressing goes so well with wings. But…celery sticks. Nobody gets excited about celery sticks — if you do, WHY?!

That’s where this awesome blue cheese-laced coleslaw comes in. I like to use a combo of red cabbage and savoy cabbage; you can just use green cabbage if you want, but the savoy is a little softer and less fibrous, and adds an additional layer of texture when combined with the sturdier red cabbage. With a little celery tossed in to remind you of its roots, some toasted pepitas for a little extra pop, and plenty of delicious creamy blue cheese, this wing-ready slaw is the best thing ever next to a plate of these.