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Photo: Ben Fink
When the dress code is black tie, opt for these scallops.

Ever wish you could eat at New York City's legendary Le Cirque every night? We sure do, but thankfully (for our wallets) we received a copy of A Table At Le Cirque and have been cooking our way through ever since. Next up, a signature truffled scallop dish by Daniel Boulud.

Critic Bryan Miller judged Daniel Boulud’s “sea scallops fantasy in black tie” (its name on a 1987 menu), “unforgettable . . . an individual silver casserole dish of exquisite sliced sea scallops layered with black truffles, moistened with buttery vermouth and truffle juice.” The recipe evolved into one of Boulud’s iconic creations; ultimately, the chef wrapped each whole Maine sea scallop (layered with truffles) in spinach leaves and baked it in a crisp puff-pastry shell. It may require a lot of labor, but for home cooks it’s entirely doable, and just as memorable.