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Photo: Lucy Schaeffer

Italian food authority Francine Segan’s cookbooks are must-reads for any fan of pasta, particularly her newest: Pasta Modern: New and Inspired Recipes From Italy. Abandon your red sauce craving and dive into the best, newest and certainly most inspired recipes from Italy we’ve seen in recent memory.

Squid ink pasta is hands-down one of the prettiest pastas ever! Glistening black, it’s a glamorous canvas whose delicately briny flavor enhances any seafood. It is especially gorgeous against the lovely orange color of mussels and the white beans. In Italy, beans are often paired with seafood but feel free to leave them out, if you prefer.

In the photograph the pasta is laid out straight, a style of plating popularized by Gualtiero Marchese, Milan-born chef considered the founder of modern Italian cuisine. Of course, you can serve it the conventional way too. It’s delicious no matter how it’s put on the plate!

Reprinted with permission from Pasta Modern