Of all the ice cream options in New York City, Big Gay Ice Cream is undoubtedly your best bet. What, do you not like sparkly unicorns on your walls and whiskey walnuts on your cone? Dive into founders and co-owners Bryan and Douglas’s sweet world with their first cookbook full of recipes, techniques and stories from the ice cream shop that has charmed the pants off ice cream lovers worldwide. 

This shake was inspired by those Orange Julius kiosks in the shopping malls we hung out at when we were growing up, as well as by the orange Creamsicles we always had in our freezers. What is it about the combination of orange and cream? Orange alone can be overly acidic, but the addition of sweet vanilla ice cream tempers it down just so. We thought it would be fun to trash it up a notch by using neon-orange Tang powder for that high-in-the-sky taste.

Reprinted with permission from Big Gay Ice Cream