During a brief move-in stint last year, I realized that two peoples’ hot sauce collections cannot fit into the door of one 2/3-sized “urban efficiency” refrigerator. Rather than get rid of the roommate or the hot sauce, I first applied simple kitchen logic: can I possibly get something delicious out of this? And I did. It’s really hard to bicker when your whole face is on fire from “freak sauce wings” and you’re laughing at each other while simultaneously crying from the heat.

But they’re good for football, too! Everybody has that one friend who scoffs at the heat level of a perfectly decent batch of wings. Ready to silence him and enjoy the game your way? Clarified butter helps cut the heat (a little) while amplifying the flavor of the hottest chili in the world — fruity and slightly herbal, if you can make it through the million or so Scoville units — plus it adheres better and tastes more buttery than its regular counterpart. We recommend our buttermilk blue cheese dip or signature homemade ranch should further relief be necessary. Once more, these are spicy!

If you get whole wings instead of pre-cut drumettes and wing portions, just locate the joint between the two and drive the tip of a sharp knife right in — they should snap apart fairly easily.