When I was a kid, my favorite leftover item from Thanksgiving was far and away stuffing. In fact, my mom used to make an extra batch pretty much just for me to have as leftovers. You know what my favorite way to eat leftover stuffing was? On a sandwich. That’s right. Bread-on-bread madness. No joke, I would make a sandwich that was rye bread with American cheese, stuffing, and lettuce. That was my jam during my elementary school years. But eventually middle school rolls around, and you get tired of people looking at you and saying “WTF is that, a stuffing sandwich!! EWW!!” (F*cking kids, YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW).

But in my heart, I know that I still want to eat stuffing sandwiches. Let’s be real for a minute and acknowledge that I will be eating at least one of the classics mentioned above, but then let’s move on.

We’re kicking it up this year by making stuffing burgers. These are remarkably easy, and if you love stuffing and don’t know what to do with the leftovers, they’re absolutely delicious. What’s that you say? Something about carbs? Shhh…carbs are a hoax.