One of the coolest things about working here at Food Republic is getting offered the chance to speak with chefs from around the world who let us pick their brains about regional and signature dishes. Beatrice Segoni is a bad-ass former fashion designer who runs the kitchen as executive chef at Borgo San Jacopo Ristorante at Hotel Lungarno, in a cute little town called Florence. 

Chef Segoni laced us with a grill recipe for the weekend that’s also something of an Italian classic. Tagliata is Italian for carved or cut, and here it refers to slices of delectable grilled bistecca fiorentina — use a T-Bone or Porterhouse. Her Tagliata with Rucola and Parmiggiano (we translate it as Beef Tagliata with Arugula for those of you who don’t speak Eye-talian) is an easy-to-make steak dish with slices of melt-in-your-mouth parmesan cheese contrasting with the bitter flavor of arugula (aka rocket) atop the grilled beef.

Grab a bottle of Super Tuscan wine and fire up the grill this weekend. And Chef Segoni, we say “Grazie!”