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There's nothing like a hearty pot pie for dinner — this one's full of beans!

Award-winning food blogger Izy Hossack has a cookbook out that will reawaken your love of the kitchen. Read it, cook it and add some brand-new favorites to your everyday repertoire. These caramelized onion, thyme and bean pot pies are perfect for a hearty vegetarian weeknight dinner. 

When I learned how to caramelize onions I think it awoke some onion-hungry part of me that I never knew about before. I’ve since found that if you’re in the kitchen caramelizing onions don’t doubt that you will attract pretty much anyone into that room. It’s an intoxicating smell. I gave in and used them here bumping up the sweet, onion flavor with the addition of leeks too!

Note: The recipe makes a perfectly satisfying soup if you make it without the pastry lid and simmer the mixture for an extra ten minutes.

Reprinted with permission from Everyday Delicious