I want to talk to you about something very serious. Football season is upon us, which means pretty soon your buddies will be coming over all the time to drink your beer and eat your food. Don’t disappoint your friends with sub-par stuff like frozen hot dogs charred to black or lame chips and store-bought dips. Step it up. Here’s the serious part.

Nachos. Nachos can be a polycephalic beast for sure. They run the gamut from stale chips topped with a gooey yellow substance that I can only describe as warm cheese pudding to truly magical platters of cheesy, meaty, crunchy goodness. Go for the f*cking jugular on this one and make BBQ pulled pork nachos, a.k.a. the Pigskinless Pigskin Platter. You’ll need to work ahead on the sauce and the pork butt, but hey, you can always prep the main ingredients while watching college games on Saturday, then have your nacho fixin’s ready for the pros come Sunday.