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It may seem excessive to be DIYing your own pickles. But this quick refrigerator version is cheap, quick, and will give you the deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that is missing when you simply open a jar of store-bought dills.

Once you figure out this basic refrigerator pickling recipe, go wild. Using this method, you can pickle cauliflower, carrots, peppers, or string beans. (Pickled string beans go really well in a martini or a Bloody Mary).

Refrigerator pickling will keep your veggies for months, but not forever, and you’ll have to keep your jars in the refrigerator. If you use peppers, like jalapeños, lightly prick the skins to allow the pickling juice to penetrate the vegetable. Cut larger bell peppers into strips.

This recipe makes enough to fill four pint-sized mason jars.