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Photo: John Valls

Scott Snyder is chef-owner at Portland's incredibly popular Levant, where his signature chermoula, a classic, tangy-savory Moroccan condiment and sauce, is a best-seller. Marinate your favorite protein in this simple preparation, or use it as a finishing sauce (especially if freshly grilled sardines are involved).  

Says the chef:

"I researched and have been making it for years at home.  For the more adventurous, use a mortar and pestle to blend, otherwise a food processor works fine. Work your garlic to a paste, add herbs, spices and oils and finish with lemon juice. If you're using as a marinade instead of a sauce, thin the consistency with chicken stock. You can keep chermoula in the fridge in a sealed container topped with a layer of olive oil (like you would with pesto) in the fridge."

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