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Succulent marinated steak is right at home alongside pickled vegetables in this beloved Vietnamese sandwich.

Say it with us: “An!” It means “eat” in Vietnamese. Follow Helene An, executive chef at Beverly Hills hot spot House of An, as she recounts the family history that brought her to culinary fame in Los Angeles, and the recipes she and her daughter cook for their never-ending line of hungry fans. 

Infinitely customizable, the bánh mì sandwich has just one rule: The bread shouldn’t overshadow the flavors of its fillings. Generally, in Vietnam, bánh mì sandwiches are made with inexpensive cuts of pork, but here we’ve made it our own with thin slices of grilled steak marinated in tropical fruits, lemongrass, and our special satay sauce. My mother often uses pineapple and kiwi in her meat marinade. Not only are they natural tenderizers, but they also add some sweetness that is great for grilled meat. In fact, the flank steak here is so flavorful and tender that it can also be enjoyed on its own for a low-carb meal.

Reprinted with permission from An