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bangers and mash recipe
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Whoever perfected bangers and mash must have had a profound appreciation for simple, hearty food, possibly had to survive long cold winters and had a knack for pairing food with beer. Oh wait. It was England.

This is the absolute first meal I have upon my arrival in the United Kingdom. Even if I’m just on a layover, many food outlets at Heathrow Airport serve reliable, crunchy pork sausages nestled atop mashed potatoes in which no butter has been spared. Like, no butter left behind. As in, use all the butter you want because the potatoes-to-butter ratio in this recipe directly corrolates with its authenticity, and therefore success.

Using homemade beef stock will produce a much richer-tasting gravy. And I’d like to recognize England’s fundamenal culinary wisdom in topping pork sausages with buttery beef juice. That is a love of animals at its finest.