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Two delectable desserts, one very special ramekin. Thanks, Graham Elliot!

MasterChef mainstay Graham Elliot has launched his first cookbook, packed with tips, tricks and inventive recipes that will have you cooking like a master in no time. With offerings customizable to the home cook’s tastes, from simple vegetarian sides to impressive entrées and desserts, you just can’t lose. 

This is an epic culinary mash-up, one that should be cooked in the gastronomic octagon, MMA style! In one corner you have the Caribbean-inspired bananas Foster. In the other, the yummy yet predictable old standby, crème brûlée. Let ’em duke it out and what are you left with? Bananas Foster Crème Brûlée, aka ridiculous deliciousness. The resulting dish is actually better than either of the contenders alone. This is a delightful example of how it can be okay to mess around with “fusion” — as long as it doesn’t turn into confusion.

Reprinted with permission from Cooking Like a Master Chef