(Photo: Kris Lindenmuth)
What to do with too much zucchini? Break out the loaf pan and buttering knife! (Photo: Kris Lindenmuth.)

If you have one super-simple baking recipe in your arsenal, make it banana bread. If you have two, make sure the second one is zucchini bread. While grating zucchini takes slightly longer than peeling overripe bananas, the resulting treat is well worth the effort. That’s right, zucchini dresses sweet or savory, and if you’ve never had it sweet, this is the definitive recipe.

I like to drizzle my zucchini bread with maple syrup to give the walnuts on top something to adhere to, as well as add a little heft to that that wonderful sticky sweetness you see on top of quick breads like this one. This recipe makes two loaves, because when something freezes and gifts as well as zucchini bread, there’s no point in just making one.