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So hearty. So flavorful. (Photo: Ali Allen.)

Vegan lifestyle blogger Aine Carlin of Pea Soup Eats released a cookbook any animal product-shunner should add to their library immediately. Not vegan? Pick it up anyway — you know your veggie repertoire needs shaking up. From (vegan) soup to (already vegan) nuts, there’s something for everyone in Keep It Vegan. Know anyone who likes couscous? Really? Everyone? Well then right this way to stuffed eggplant bliss. Follow Aine on Twitter and Instagram.

I love couscous an inordinate amount. Often mistaken for a grain, it’s actually more akin to pasta as it is made from tiny granules of durum wheat. While you could use a protein-packed option like quinoa (and feel free to do so), there’s something so tempting about a mouthful of lemon-infused couscous.

Reprinted with permission from Keep It Vegan