Maybe it’s a Southern thing, but I grew up noshing lots of dips, spreads, bakes and balls that were made with cream cheese. Perhaps it’s the fact that cream cheese is inexpensive and goes a long way, or maybe it’s because it pairs with just about everything. Whatever its ultimate appeal, the addition of this white, creamy cheese can elevate a variety of nibbles.

Such is the case with this addictive baked clam dip made with canned clams, onions and horseradish that’s accented with just a touch of tangy buttermilk for good Southern measure. However, the culinary highlight of this dish is most definitely the butter-soaked almonds that are sprinkled on top. Served hot with salty crackers or potato chips (which you should try making yourself), it’s a creamy indulgence that simply begs for a cold beer enrobed in a koozie emblazoned with your favorite football team’s colors.