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Sweet, creamy Portuguese lemon tarts are a beautifully balanced, easy-to-serve dessert.

Recipe developer and food stylist Annie Rigg is a master of the most beautiful foods on Earth, so naturally her next cookbook is packed with colorful, radiant fruits. Incorporate these sweet elements into your favorite preparations and watch the Instagrams take themselves. 

My pastel de nata, or custard tarts, aren’t quite classic, as they are laced with lemon, but hopefully they are simpler to make. The pastry dough, which is similar to puff, takes a bit of forward planning and needs to be started the day before you plan to bake. Nothing, in my opinion, compares to homemade, but if you’re short on time, then store-bought all-butter puff pastry would make an acceptable substitute. They are best eaten on the day of making.

Reprinted with permission from Summer Berries & Autumn Fruits