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You love bacon and maple, so why not invite chicken to the party?

From the popular blog Adventures in Cooking comes our favorite poultry book in recent memory. Adventures in Chicken helps take the world’s most beloved meat from “been there, done that” to “I can’t wait to cook tonight!” Join author Eva Kosmas in reinventing this humble bird to a thing of true beauty. Everyone knows that bacon and maple go together beautifully. Invite chicken to the party and watch that hungry crowd descend. 

I just may have stuffed strips of bacon under the skin of the chicken for this one. This is wonderful in two ways (well, it’s wonderful in a variety of ways, but for brevity’s sake I’m just going to focus on two): First, the chicken skin gets nice and crispy while roasting, but instead of only tasting like chicken skin, it also tastes like bacon. And second, since the bacon is under the skin, its flavors are relatively trapped under there and so, with nowhere else for the bacon juices to go, they start to seep into the breast meat of the bird, turning a relatively moderately flavored cut of meat into a delightfully bacon-filled fillet. Oh, and I also marinated the bird in maple beforehand. Mmmmmmm.

Reprinted with permission from Adventures in Chicken