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Let your garden bounty shine in this healthy, satisfying wheat berry salad.

Keep it simple and green with food writer and cookbook author Susie Middleton’s new recipe collection. If you’re angling to adapt a more plant-based diet, there’s no better path to healthy living than a reliable cookbook filled with delicious, attractive vegetable dishes developed by a pro. This beet, arugula and wheat berry salad is a fresh, vibrant way to enjoy your ancient grains. 

In my garden, strawberries begin to ripen about the same time the first beets are ready to harvest. One day I realized that the sweet, citrusy acidity of my Ozark Beauty strawberries would be the perfect foil for the earthy nuances of beets, and that both go well with maple syrup and balsamic vinegar. Because wheat berries also love maple and balsamic, I had found the perfect pairing for a beautiful and tasty salad. (Cook your wheat berries ahead of time, or if you need a quicker-cooking grain here, use farro.) The cool flavors of arugula and goat cheese add the perfect contrast, but you could certainly leave out the goat cheese for a vegan version. Ideally, use a large platter or two smaller platters for this salad, which gets a whimsical character from scattering and layering the ingredients rather than mixing them in a deep bowl.

Reprinted with permission from Simple Green Suppers