The Grand Central Market was a food hall before food halls were trendy. A well-balanced combination of LA’s favorite ethnic cuisines, the Market feeds a diverse crowd of hungry culinary enthusiasts every day. Thousands flock to this lunch and dinner mecca, driven by the vibrant flavors of a city with every kind of food imaginable. From carne asada tacos to these vegetarian artichoke hot wings, this is one place you’ll never leave hungry. 

The kitchen at Golden Road makes its own marinated artichoke hearts in-house, and they leave the stems on long. Once the hearts are quartered, battered, fried, and doused with hot sauce, they really do look like chicken wings. Store-bought marinated quartered artichoke hearts will wind up looking more like artichoke poppers. But in any case, this recipe proves that vegan cuisine is more than just hippie health food—it’s delicious, mainstream, and on-trend.

Reprinted with permission from The Grand Central Market Cookbook