What makes an Argentinian steak different from any other? Well for starts, Argentina takes its beef very seriously. They have a lot of cows, export a TON of said cows and have perfected the simple grilled steak recipe. A little rosemary for flavor, some basic red wine reduction to cut the meat's richness and finito. No elaborate marinade or fridge-consuming wet-aging necessary. Put down that bottle of steak sauce and walk away. The only condiment you could possibly need is a nice chimichurri.

In order to do it justice, however, this cannot be steak out of a plastic-wrapped package. And it doesn't actually have to come from Argentina. You must saunter up to the counter at a butcher shop and order a fresh piece of bright-red prime beef, hand-sliced by a professional dedicated to the art of providing you with meat that didn't come from a plastic-wrapped package. The rest is up to the flames.