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Spicy, sweet and savory. What more could you want in a sauce?

Looking for a new savory sauce for your arsenal, especially during the chilly late autumn/winter months? Make this apple cider-chile butter sauce and drizzle it over a fried ham steak, grilled sausages served with braised cabbage and onions, or roasted brussels sprouts.

A little of this sauce goes a long way, which is why the recipe yields only ¼ cup. It doubles easily, however, if you want to make more of it. The key is to balance the sweet, tang, salt and spicy heat. You don’t want the sauce to tip too far to the buttery, sweet-apple side or it will seem like a dessert sauce. But if you want a dessert sauce, you can have that, too, by leaving out the shallot and chile powder and adding only a pinch of salt.