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A crispy, nutty bit of sweetness to end a meal.

You’re going to need a few great recipes for the bounty of apples that’s about to drop this season. Thankfully, we have a copy of Apples: From Harvest To Table, by cook, author and urban farmer Amy Pennington. Look beyond the classic apple pie to other sweet (and savory) applications of the perfect seasonal fruit. Next up, a simple apple almond tart.

I love the simplicity of a baked tart made in a fluted tart pan. The pretty scalloped edge is gorgeous when brown and crisp, and its shallow nature allows for the perfect bit of sweetness to end a meal. The nut filling bakes down to a slightly chewy, dense consistency that is perked up by the softened fruit. You can use pistachios instead of almonds, and still produce excellent results. Be sure to slice your apples thinly for this tart, and lay them in an organized circular pattern. The edges will darken and crisp, and the tart will look gorgeous when served whole and cut at the table.

Suggested Varieties: Choose apple-y apples, like Golden Delicious, Rome or Granny Smith.

Reprinted with permission from Apples