Disclaimer: Making this dish as an after-school snack may earn you praise and admiration from the other dads, but your kid will most likely hate you.

That said, David Burke, American chef, restaurateur and cookbook author has really done it this time. Critically acclaimed for his whimsically inventive, yet clean and honest modern American cuisine such as lobster steak and pastrami salmon, Burke transforms the best ingredients available into standout dishes at all seven of his restaurants.

His take on “ants on a log,” a favorite childhood snack, replaces celery with a marrow bone, peanut butter with parsley butter and ants with none other than tender, succulent escargot. Even though we’ve left out Burke’s elaborate garnish of fragrant scorched “fennel hay,” pickled wild Asian mushrooms and fried garlic chips, we don’t expect you to get it right the first time. Or try it in the first place, really, it’s an ambitious endeavor. But it looks so cool (and tastes so incredible) we thought we’d throw it out there.