Nick Anderer, executive chef at Maialino, Danny Meyer’s Roman-style trattoria in the Gramercy Park Hotel in NYC, recently joined the long list of masters to teach a class at De Gustibus at Macy’s Herald Square. Anderer showcased dishes from his menu, including this Agnolotti di Zucca recipe, which puts seasonal squash (or when not available, store-bought pumpkin puree) to use in a ravioli-like pasta pillow. While it’s not easy to make — especially if you don’t have a KitchenAid with a pasta roller attachment — it’s a fun dish to try at home if you have skills and some curiosity.

In the De Gustibus class, where students watch a chef prepare a dish in a kitchen outfitted with mirrors to showcase technique, Anderer did a step-by-step take on how to make the squash puree and turn the fresh pasta sheets into rows of mini raviolis. Then he made the butter-sage sauce. Then De Gustibus’ team served samples to each attendee, and a hush fell over the classroom; we think we may have even heard someone bite into a toasted sage leaf. 

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